Oscar Values

Oscar Values


To improve individual’s lifestyle through innovative and sustainable products.


To work methodically, collaboratively and creatively, designing and manufacturing solutions to empower and enhance the everyday life of the people we serve.


We ensure our continuous improvementprocess by searching for new ways to improve ourselves, the business and our work practices. New methods, ideas and products continue to develop our business and help us bring our customers the best care we can. We can always improve and progress.


We hold relationships in a high regard and attack problems, not people. Maintaining an encouraging and supportive team environment allows us to have constructive engagements with our suppliers and customers.

Integrity & Accountability

We mean what we say and we follow through on our commitments with meaningful actions. Our company is built on trust and responsibility, allowing for a whole and undivided workplace.

Lean Principals

Oscar uses lean manufacturing and management principals. Originally developed by Toyota, these principals are heavily focused on minimizing waste and excess wherever possible. Our teams are encouraged to minimize waste and make continual improvements wherever they can.